Ski Binding and Mounting

Ski Binding and Mounting Service

Ski Binding and Mounting Service


Conventional 'flat' binding mount if either the skis or the bindings are purchased from Power To Edge FOC

Conventional 'flat' binding mount of customers own skis & bindings £45.00

Plugging old binding holes (if required) - £5.00 per set

Set-up of customers own rail mounted 'system' bindings - £15.00

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Quiver Killers are threaded inserts for ski binding mounting holes that once installed and with the bindings screws exchanged, allow the bindings to be removed/reinstalled as often as you like - just like snowboard bindings.


  • save cost by sharing bindings across other skis
  • reduces bulk/weight for travelling
  • switch between alpine & touring bindings on the same skis
  • bindings quickly removed & reinstalled with just a no.2 pozi driver

Installation in pre-drilled skis - £35.00 per set (exc cost of inserts, mounting screws & threadlock)

Installation in undrilled skis - £45.00 per set (exc cost of inserts, mounting screws & threadlock)

Quiver Killer Binding Inserts kit POA

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