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Image of a ski fitting, from power to edge ski tuning workshop.

Ski Tuning, Ski Tuning Courses & Ski Shop

To get the most enjoyment from skiing you need equipment that is maintained to your own unique needs.

Power to Edge offers you the opportunity to maximise your skiing experience in terms of performance, enjoyment and safety.

Personalised equipment

Following a free face-to-face consultation we will match your needs and aspirations with our expertise and experience to provide you with personalised equipment you can trust.

Glen Charman has become an expert in servicing skiing equipment through approved educational courses and experience. A friendly and personalised one-to-one discussion will ensure you fully appreciate the benefits of having your valued equipment serviced to your unique individual requirements.

Started by Glen Charman

About Glen ...​

Six years ago, after being disappointed with the quality of workmanship from ski shops, Glen started servicing his own skis. 

He took a few courses, and having learnt the more technical elements of ski servicing, started servicing ski equipment for family and friends.

He now has a regular customer base.