Demon Snowboard/Ski Mini Wax Iron, Black

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Snowboard or Ski Electric Iron for applying hot wax.

The only sensible way to apply hot wax to the base of your snowboard or skis is with an electric iron. An old steam iron will not do – even if you switch the steam off the holes will all get clogged! Much easier to get the correct tool for the job.

Featuring an adjustable temperature control, thicker, truly flat footbed and radius edges the Demon Mini Wax Iron provides a consistently smooth, even wax spread every time for your snowboard or ski’s.

Dual voltage at 200-220V (408W) for use in UK/Europe/Chile/Argentina/New Zealand or flick a switch on the back for use in 100-127V (343W) for USA/Canada/Japan.
This is a 220v iron and comes with a standard UK socket plug.

Optimal waxing temperature is 260 degrees farenheit/127 degrees Celcius.
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