Fritschi Vipec Evo 12 Bindings

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With Evo it’s not only much easier to step in, it’s also more comfortable and safer to ascend. Dynamic and safe skiing included, of course. User-friendly innovations, such as the solid stop for easy step-in, lateral release at the toe, practical handling and the stable, non-turning heel unit make every ski tour perfect.

In skiing, significant forces are acting on material and body. The prompt release based on the preset values, a defined release, and the prevention of unwanted releases help to reduce injuries to a minimum.

Today’s touring skis and boots allow a considerably more dynamic style of skiing and the Vipec Evo is the right binding for this. Like alpine bindings, it is equipped with a solid non-turning heel and ensures in the back, where the highest forces are acting in downhill skiing, an optimal traction.

With the replaceable color clips the bindings can be matched to the colour of the skis or the boots according to the skier’s personal taste.

(These bindings also come in 80mm, 90mm and 110mm lengths – please contact for availability.)

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