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A full set of mounting screws made from top quality A2 (304) DIN 965Z/7985Z stainless steel. All have no.2 pozidrive heads so to avoid damaging the heads a no.2 screwdriver must be used. A spare screw will be included for each head style/length of screw within each set.

See below for a list of the Quiver Killer screw sets required for the most popular makes/models of binding so simply state the make/model on your binding in the request box on the order form. Some bindings required the head diameters &/or lengths of the standard screws to be reduced and if that is the case with the binding you select then the alterations will be done for you.

Alternatively, a screw set can be compiled from the following selection – simply state your quantity, head style & length requirements in the request box on the order form. Note that on a metal top sheet ski the inserts will sit flush with the top sheet but on a non metal top sheet ski the inserts often sits half a mm or so below the top sheet. The internal thread length in the inserts is 6.2mm & the mounting screw must not bottom out in the insert. The mounting screw should penetrate the base of the binding by a minimum of 4mm & a maximum of 6mm.

Pan Head, M5 thread, 9.9mm head dia, no.2 pozi drive with thread lengths of: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 30mm & 40mm.

Countersunk Flat Head, M5 thread, 9mm head dia, no.2 pozi drive with overall lengths including the head of: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm & 35mm.

If you need advice on your order please Email or give me a call

Quiver Killer Mounting Screw Sets:
B&D Ski Gear telemark ski crampon mounting bracket

Vist Free, Performance or Race

Look Pivot 12/14 Dual WTR
Look Pivot 14
Look Pivot 18 (without 4mm toe lifter)
Look Pivot 18 (with 4mm toe lifter)
Look PX12/14
Look PX12/14 Race

Look SPX12
Look NX12
Marker Kingpin

Marker Kingpin Demo
Marker Jester ID/Griffon ID/Squire ID
Marker Jester, Griffon or Squire (current with H18mm AFD’s & H10 x L200mm heel base plate)
Marker Jester Pro 18, Jester, Griffon or Squire (older with H21mm AFD’s & H13 x L240mm heel base plate)
Marker Lord SP14
Marker Schizo
Marker Duke or Baron (upto 2009/10)
Marker Duke & Baron (2010/11 & after inc EPF)
Marker F10 Tour & F12 Tour (inc EPF)

Marker 14.0 Free

Marker Griffon Demo (up to 2009/10)

Marker Jester/Griffon/Squire Demo (2010/11 to 2015/16)

Marker Griffon Demo (2016/17 onwards)

KneeBinding Carbon & Shadow
KneeBinding Mist/Core/Hardcore
Head Mojo (from 2011/12)
Head Mojo (up to & inc 2010/11). Note that the two rear holes in the metal chassis of the heel pieces on these bindings are undersized which makes it difficult for the new screws to remain vertical during insertion which then causes alignment problems with the inserts. It is therefore recommended to run a 5.5mm or 7/32″ drill through these holes prior to using the new screws.

Head Ambition
Head Attack 13
Head Attack 13 Demo

Fischer X13

Fischer X17
Tyrolia Peak 11 TH & Peak 12

Tyrolia Peak 15
Tyrolia Peak 18

Tyrolia Storm (non diagonal release heel)

Tyrolia Storm (diagonal release heel)

Rossignol Freeski 2 140XL
Rossignol Freeski 150 or 180
Rossignol Axial 3 WTR
Rossignol Axial 3
Rossignol Axial 3 Rental

Rossignol Axium
Salomon MTN
Salomon Guardian/Atomic Tracker/Look XM

Salomon Warden

Salomon STH2 WTR

Salomon STH14 Driver/Atomic FFG14 Driver /Atomic FFG16 Driver
Salomon STH12/Atomic FFG Team Ltd Edition
Salomon Z12ti
Salomon Z10/Z12/Atomic FFG12
Salomon S912ti with lifter
Salomon Z12/Scott S12 rental
Salomon 914 Driver
Salomon S810
Salomon L7 Demo Plate
Plum Guide
Plum Guide with brake
Plum Yak
Dynafit Beast 16
Dynafit Beast 14

Dynafit Beast 14 Test
Dynafit Radical 2 ST & FT

Dynafit Radical 2 ST Test
Dynafit Speed Turn/Speed Turn 2.0/Speed Radical

Dynafit Superlite/Superlite 2.0

Dynafit Superlite 2 heel shift plates only

Dynafit Radical ST & FT
Dynafit TLT Speed
Dynafit TLT Vertical ST
Dynafit Vertical FT & FT12

ATK Raider 14
Black Diamond 01
Voile Switchback
G3 Ion
G3 Onyx
G3 Targa
G3 Targa Ascent
22 Designs Hammerheads

22 Designs AXL/Outlaws/Vice
M Equipement Meidjo 2.0

M Equipment Meidjo 2.0 tech heels only
Fritschi Vipec (1st & 2nd gen)
Fritschi Vipec Black

Fritschi Eagle
Fritschi Freeride

Fritschi Freeride Plus
Fritschi Explorer
Fritschi Freeride Pro

Fritschi Experience
Fritschi Titanal
Rottefella NTN Freeride (up to & inc 11/12)
Rottefella NTN Freeride (from 12/13)
Rottefella NTN Freedom
Rottefella BC Manual
7tm Garmont Tour
7tm Power Tour
Naxo NX21

Silvretta 400

Silvretta 404
Dynaduke Plates (Plates to skis)

Vist WCAEX14N Race Plates (Plates to skis)
Vist Speedlock Pro Superlight Plates (Plates to skis)
Vist Demo Plates (Plates to skis)
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